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I have been a spinner, weaver, knitter, hand-stitcher and designer of complex cloth for many years. That doesn't include the years of weaving square potholders, braiding plastic lanyards and embroidering on top of blue iron-on designs that formed a happy part of my childhood. I have exhibited and sold my work nationally.

But everything changed in the spring of 2009. I was at a public meeting in Berkeley, California where I noticed a woman wearing the most unusual scarf. After the meeting I asked her if I could look at her scarf. I had never seen anything like it: it was whimsical, colorful and full of energy. My focus was drawn to a single short turquoise thread that popped from the weaving in a surprising way.

"What kind of weaving is this?" I asked.
"SAORI", she answered.
"I have to do this!" I thought.

I went straight home and looked for SAORI on the internet. I wanted to find a SAORI studio somewhere close by, or at least somewhere in California, where I could go right away to learn about SAORI weaving. I found that the closest SAORI studio was on Salt Spring Island in Canada. I was able to make the journey to SAORI Salt Spring in August of 2009 and have visited often since then to weave with SAORI Instructor, Terri Bibby.

After my first trip to SAORI Salt Spring I bought a SAORI loom and made a plan to continue my SAORI practice and to eventually open a SAORI studio so that I could share SAORI weaving and help support the growth of a community of SAORI weavers in the Bay Area.

SAORI berkeley is open and my SAORI dream is taking form. SAORI looms, beautiful yarns and weaving classes are now available.

I am also an authorized distributor of SAORI looms and equipment.